Monday, March 1, 2010

got DADU anyone?

esok ade mid term exam subject artificial intelligence. got 20 MC questions.

marking method: 1 question correct, 1 mark. 1 question wrong, DEDUCT 1 mark. if you got all correct, then u will get 20 marks. if you answer all questions, but only half are correct, then you will get 0 mark since 10 marks already been deducted because another half you get wrong. if you answer all questions, and you got all wrong, you will get -20 marks.
this 20 marks will affect your final exam later on because he will 'makan' the 20 marks from your final as 'ganti' to this so-called as 'hutang'. what the? 1 more thing, 1 question got 6 choices. A, B, C, D, E, and F. just nice if you want to use dadu right? huh.
**am thinking, shud I answer all the questions, or shud I just give blank paper back to him? walaw!

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