Friday, September 3, 2010

Sexual Harrasment

Sexual Harrasment - refers to sexual conduct that is unwanted, unwelcome, or unsolicited. This includes requests for sexual favours which are inappropriate and offensive.

Forms of sexual harrasment:
a) verbal harrasment : offensive or suggestive remarks, comments, jokes, jesting, kidding, sounds, questioning
b) non-verbal/gestural harrasment : leering or ogling with suggestive overtones, licking lips or holding or eating food provocatively, hand signal or sign language denoting sexual activity, persistent flirting
c) visual harrasment : showing pornographic materials, drawing sex-based sketches or writing sex-based letters, sexual exposure
d) psychological : repeated unwanted social invitations, relentless proposals for dates or physical intimacy
e) physical harrasment : inappropriate touching, patting, pinching, stroking, brushing up against the body, hugging, kissing, fondling, sexual assault.

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